The Public Health Corps

The Public Health Corps

The Public Health Corps is a volunteer program that offers students community service opportunities in which they can apply classroom learning to diverse, real-world public health activities. Students have the opportunity to complete short-term assignments at the request of our practice partners.

The program allows students to:

  • Work with public health practitioners and administrators
  • Increase the capacity of public health agencies to complete activities
  • Explore potential employment settings
  • Increase skills to practice public health
  • Serve the community through meaningful action


Current undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral public health students in good academic standing can join the Public Health Corps.

Student commitment

  • Make a commitment to the program for one academic year at minimum
  • Complete a program orientation
  • Complete at least 5-10 hours of public health community service
  • Call or meet with the community partner  
  • Track the number of hours worked
  • Complete all online evaluation forms 
  • Be a positive representative of the Fairbanks School of Public Health
  • Abide by the IU Student Code of Conduct while on a Corps assignment

Join the Corp

Community partner commitment

  • Provide a short-term (5 to 40 hours) public health-related activity or event
  • Provide a project that helps the student build specialized and strategic skills in public health
  • Talk or meet with the student before the activity
  • Provide supervision and support to the student throughout the duration of the activity
  • Provide a safe environment for Indiana University Indianapolis students
  • Complete all online evaluations forms
Submit a project

Public Health Corps projects completed

Students helped a rural county clean up areas where syringes had been improperly discarded in public places.

A student completed data entry of surveillance related materials into a knowledge repository for a nonprofit public health association.

Students served as volunteers to help facilitate drug drop-off and provide education behind the purpose of drug take back.

A student created maps for a nonprofit that highlighted geographic representation of their membership.

Students helped local health departments and nonprofit groups package naloxone kits in response to the current opioid epidemic.

During the Indy Day of Service, students assisted in placing new dirt and mulch and helped to clean the playground and basketball court.

Students provided logistical support for the poverty simulations held as a part of the Welcome to Campus initiative at IU Indianapolis.

Students helped clinic patients complete their paperwork, moved clinic supplies and provided general logistical support at various clinics that offered TB testing and vaccinations.

Students used a survey tool to complete walkability assessments for a local non-profit working to increase equitable, safe, accessible, convenient and connected options for walking, biking and public transit and encouraging responsible land use.

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