Geneva, Switzerland Study Abroad

Compare and contrast systems in Switzerland and the U.S.

This course provides an in‐depth introduction to a global model for health services delivery and provides you with the opportunity to compare and contrast systems in Switzerland and the United States. This course will feature a special focus on the World Health Organization (WHO), which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

You will spend substantial time out in the field meeting health experts and leaders from the World Health Organization, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Global Health Institute at the University of Geneva, the World Economic Forum, Lilly Corporation, and the Global Fund.

This study abroad experience is a 3-credit hour spring course entitled, Health Systems Around the World: Global Health Leadership in Geneva, Switzerland. All participants will be required to enroll in one of the following courses if accepted into the program:

  1. PBHL-P 450 (Undergraduate)
  2. PBHL-H 670 (Graduate)

Trip dates and application deadline

Program dates: March 10-15, 2024

Application deadline: October 27, 2023

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Open to Indiana University students in good academic standing who meet these criteria:

  • Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • This program is designed for junior or senior undergraduate students who are interested in health and healthcare at an international level, but students of all majors are welcome to apply.
  • Students from other IU campuses will have the option to join the pre-trip sessions in person or via distance technology.
  • Although designed for students with a special interest in health, students of all majors and IU campuses are welcome to apply.
  • Graduate students from the Fairbanks School of Public Health may be permitted to attend with permission of the instructor (supplemental coursework will be assigned).
  • Students will be required to attend four mandatory pre-trip sessions. 

Additional expenses will include:

  • Airfare
  • Spending money for meals, excursions, theater tickets, and other incidentals (recommend $300 to $500).
  • Study abroad fees of $83 for the international study fee and $32 for insurance.
  • Tuition and related fees to cover the required three-credit hour course (amount will vary based upon residency status and full/part-time status); visit the IU Indianapolis cost estimator to determine how the three additional credits will impact your bursar bill.

Please note that travel inside Switzerland is exceptionally expensive. Housing and food costs are among the highest in Europe. We try our very best to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining acceptable standards and good value.

How to apply

Preference will be given to public health undergraduate students. However, graduate students and undergraduate students of other majors are welcome to apply. Here’s what you need to do to secure your spot:

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