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Public health alumni career profiles

Trying to choose the best career path may be difficult when you have not had real experience in the public health field. There are countless opportunities and paths to pursue, which is why we strive to equip our students with the tools and support they need to choose the public health career best for them.

Alumni from our Bachelor of Science in Public Health program who are working in the field were once prospective students too. Several of them have agreed to share their success stories in hopes of helping you discover a career in community health that you will love. 

Emily Bossung Hall, BSPH'18

Intermediate Healthcare Analyst, MITRE

Emily chose BSPH because of the opportunities in Indianapolis. She chose GW because of the opportunities in DC. Both choices were equally as important!

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Emily Bossung Hall, BSPH'18

Community Outreach Associate, Indiana University Health

Emily was admitted to IUPUI with interest in the imaging program. She quickly learned that it was not for her after her first semester. After numerous meetings with her advisor, Martha, she mentioned meeting with Leah at the School of Public Health. After taking Intro to Public Health with Professor Duszynski, it all started to make sense. The public health field is where she was meant to make an impact in and the rest is history!

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Mark Daiuto, BSPH-CH'17

Mark believes the BSPH-Community Health program has set him up for success in many ways. It not only made him a more competitive applicant for medical school, but also allowed him to join a few quality-improvement programs at Riley Children’s Hospital. He also feels it is a wonderful base for any graduate program, as he has used this degree as a platform to pursue his MD-MPH.

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Luz Machuca, BSPH-CH'19

After graduating, Luz started a paid summer internship at the Youth Diabetes Prevention Clinic where she assists with recruiting, planning, implementation, and evaluation of a new community diabetes prevention program. She also does data entry for participants and facilitates health education sessions.

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Kacie McGill, BSPH-CH'17

Before graduating, Kacie completed a summer internship at Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition, a local nonprofit that works to improve the overall well-being of Clinton County and other surrounding areas. Having grown up in Clinton County, she is excited to now to be involved in improving the wellbeing of its members by helping to reduce the county's tobacco burden.

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