Minor in Health Administration

Discover the Health Administration minor

Are you interested in learning what it takes to run a health care delivery system? If so, this is the minor for you. You’ll learn what top thought leaders say about key aspects of administration of today’s health systems.

This is a minor that is easy to customize to your specific interests. You will take two required health administration courses, then you will choose three electives from a list that includes health care management, policy, marketing, legal issues, human resources, and health information technology.

Minor requirements

Take two courses for 6 credits:

  • PBHL-H 120* Health Care Delivery in the US
  • PBHL-H 375* Management of Health Services Organizations

*These courses are offered online at least once per year.

Substitution note: PBHL-H 220 will be considered an acceptable substitution for PBHL-H 120 for public health majors. PBHL-H 320 may be an acceptable substitution for PBHL-H 375 for students who started the minor prior to fall 2023. Please reach out to a Fairbanks School of Public Health academic advisor for confirmation.

Choose three elective courses for 9 credits:

  • PBHL-H 320* Health Systems Administration
  • PBHL-H 411 Chronic and Long-Term Care Administration
  • PBHL-H 420* Health Policy
  • PBHL-H 432* Health Care Marketing
  • PBHL-H 441 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration
  • PBHL-H 330** Global Public Health
  • PBHL-H 310 Lean in Healthcare
  • PBHL-H 325 Health Information Technology, Management and Policy
  • PBHL-H 346* Organizational Behavior and HR Management in Healthcare
  • PBHL-H 345* Operations Management and Quality Improvement in Health Organizations
  • PBHL-H 305* Medical Group Management
  • PBHL-H 315 High Risk Health Behaviors and Harm Reduction
  • PBHL-H 101* Influencing the Public's Health
  • PBHL-H 303 Topics in Public Health
  • PBHL-H 455 Topics in Public Health

*These courses are offered online at least once per year.

**These courses are offered online in the summer.

Why I chose a health administration minor

Matt WhitlockI began working in a pharmacy at the age of 16 and learned quickly I enjoyed working with customers to best utilize their health care and manage their prescription costs. Over time, I learned I was passionate about making the administration side of health insurance 'make sense' for my customers. This minor builds on that passion. It also easily fits into my existing course schedule as a General Studies major, allowing me to expand my education and graduate on time. It also opens doors for potential future studies, such as graduate school.” - Matt Whitlock, Major: General Studies

Madison Gloyeske


I chose to be a Health Administration Minor because I really enjoyed taking PBHL-H120: Health Care Delivery in the US. It was fascinating to learn about what goes on behind the scenes in health care.” - Madison Gloyeske, Major: Nursing


Kayla Saunders
“I chose to minor in health administration because I decided that I wanted to build on my Health Science major and gain valuable health administration skills that would help me get into a Master’s in Health Administration program after graduation.” - Kayla Saunders, Major: Health Sciences


Braxton Gray

“I feel like it is important to understand how health care facilities run, and how the health system works in order to be a good nurse. - Braxton Gray, Major: Nursing

Eligibility criteria

Students enrolled in baccalaureate programs at Indiana University who are in good academic standing.

The health administration minor is a great fit for students majoring in:

  • Business
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Pre-Law
  • SPEA
  • Dental Hygiene

Public health students majoring in health services management are not eligible for the health administration minor. 

Students who successfully complete the requirements for the minor with a grade of "C" or better in all courses credited to the minor will have the minor conferred at time of graduation.