Josh Burger Alumni Career Profile

Alumni Career Profile: Josh Burger

BS in Health Services Management, 2010
MHA 2015
Current Title: Provider Data Manager
Current Employer: MDwise

Josh’s decision to major in Health Services Management was, in his words, plain and simple – he wanted to be a leader in the healthcare industry. “I wanted to have an impact on the health of my community, but knew my strengths were not on the medical side. Regardless if you have direct contact with patients or not, you can have a significant impact in this industry.”

He enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management (BSHSM) program at the Fairbanks School of Public Health, and became a student both inside the classroom and out. Having various internships and being in the field helped him apply what he saw firsthand (on the job) to the classroom and coursework and vice versa.

“I interned at multiple organizations. The first was a summer internship at a hospital, where I mostly shadowed leaders. The second internship was at IU Medical Group that started as a part-time unpaid internship, but eventually led me to my first job.”

My education played a huge part in helping me obtain my first job, and each step up in my career was a progression that allowed me to build on what I had learned from the previous role. 

Josh’s first job after graduating was with IU Medical Group Primary Care as a Provider Relations Assistant, an entry level role that focused on data entry. He had multiple advancements with this company and then at Eskenazi Health before finding himself at MDwise, where he works today as a Provider Data Manager, leading the teams that maintain the integrity of provider information in their systems. Josh’s responsibilities have a direct impact on the online provider directory that is used by patients and that feeds claims to the vendor’s system for appropriate payment..

“I found myself using some of the core context of what I learned in the classroom such as strategic planning and thinking, LEAN six sigma principles and project management, and basic leadership principles from organizational leadership courses.”

When Josh first began the BSHSM program, he wanted to one day hold an executive position within a hospital or large healthcare organization. Since then his goals have evolved.

“One can have a major impact on a community that way, but as I’ve been exposed directly to the challenges we face as healthcare leaders, my goals shifted.”

Josh now wants to be a driving leader that influences health policy at a local, state, and perhaps even federal level.

“I’m passionate in believing that everyone should have healthcare that is both adequate and affordable. Mostly, I think my education was a driving factor that intrigued me to stay up to date with health policy – which is ever-changing.”

Josh decided to pursue his Masters in Health Administration and believes his BSHSM education was integral in preparing him for success in his graduate studies.

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