Christine Krieger Alumni Career Profile

Alumni Career Profile: Christine Krieger

BS in Health Services Management, 2017
Minor in Human Resources
Current Title: Service Center Representative
Current Employer: JWM Neurology

Christine decided to major in Health Services Management because she wanted to provide care for others in a non-traditional way.

“Most people think healthcare and immediately ‘doctor’ or ‘nurse’ comes to mind. What people don’t realize is, while that’s true, the healthcare field encompasses more than just that. Being an HSM student allowed me to see healthcare from various perspectives and how it is more than just seeing a provider.”

Christine says the lessons she learned from group projects during the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management (BSHSM) program, have not left her. In fact, much of what she learned helps her navigate the role of service center representative for JWM Neurology in which she’s responsible for addressing patients’ questions and concerns.

In my line of work, I am constantly interacting with various personalities and being able to cooperate with them is critical for success. Being able to critically think through difficult situations is also something I have to do on a daily basis with patients. 

From healthcare laws and regulations, to ethical conduct and professionalism, Christine values what she’s learned both inside and outside the classroom.

“Leadership experience, for me, wasn’t gained in the classroom but through involvement in campus organizations.”

Naturally introverted, addressing others and speaking out was never Christine’s forte, but she gradually gained confidence and found herself mentoring her fellow colleagues and being the one others sought out during distress. To this day, she continues to serve happily as an alumni advisor to these campus organizations.

At JWM, Christine is responsible for scheduling for more than 40 providers of neurological care at eight offices throughout the Indianapolis area. She started in this position immediately after completing the HSM program, and this is just the beginning for her.

“Long term, my goal is to be a health promoter/educator for high risk populations.” 

Christine would love to be able to coordinate education programs and facilities to better serve, educate and improve the health status of high risk populations.

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