Elena Smith Alumni Career Profile

Alumni Career Profile: Elena Smith

BS in Health Services Management, 2017
Current Title: Pre-Services Coordinator
Current Employer: Eskenazi Health

Wanting to get involved with the constant changes in the health field, Elena was eager to study Health Services Management. She found it to be the perfect mixture of her two interests: business and healthcare.

Completing the program in 2017, Elena decided to enter the workforce and accepted her first position as pre-services coordinator at Eskenazi Health. In her role, she has many opportunities to use what she learned in the Health Services Management program.

I use my Health Services Management education when speaking to insurance companies, complying with HIPAA regulations, and discussing finances with patients.

Elena contacts patients with scheduled appointments in an attempt to pre-register their visits, verifying information such as their demographics and insurance information.

“I determine if the reason for a patient’s visit is work/accident related, and if so, proceed with the documentation process.”

As her career develops, Elena would like to use her education, experience, and knowledge to advance to an executive position in a healthcare organization.

“I strive to be in a position that brings me joy knowing that I'm helping the community.”

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