Enhance Your College Experience

Enhance your college experience

Same degree of excellence. An experience designed to fit the times.

Located on Indiana’s premier health and life sciences campus, only here can you personally tackle issues like responding to COVID-19, disease prevention, food insecurity, air and water quality, opioid addiction and other issues.

Take advantage of the opportunities available to you, and find where you belong among a group of people you will never forget. 

Become a RISE Scholar

Through the IU Indianapolis RISE initiative, students conduct research or artistic work under the mentorship of a faculty member. As a RISE Scholar, you will be able to travel and learn outside the United States, as well as engage in guided reflection on your cross-cultural experiences. RISE contributes to your intellectual and professional development in unique ways.

Being a part of RISE allows you to partake in:

R - Research opportunities lead by faculty are built into the curriculum
I - International experiences tied to course pedagogy
S - Service learning courses that provide experiences to help the local community
E - Experiential learning courses that offer professional practice

Study Abroad programs

Join us as we travel the globe to understand how public health and health systems work in other countries. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to develop a global perspective that will impact not only your public health studies, but also your future career. Students who study abroad graduate at higher rates, have higher GPAs and become better problem solvers.

The space to connect. The room to be yourself.

Our deep connections with practice and government gives students at the Fairbanks School of Public Health an essential foundation to spark change in Indiana.

The downtown Indianapolis location allows our students to study alongside policy makers, community activists, and groundbreaking researchers. Indianapolis is home to the largest hospital and health care systems in Indiana, the Indiana State Department of Health, the Marion County Health Department, countless nonprofit organizations and top health-related companies.

Not only do students witness how public health laws are made a few short blocks away at the capitol, they also regularly engage with the Indiana general assembly in research and advocacy.