Health Data Science student internship profiles

Trying to choose the best career path may be difficult when you haven't had real experience in the public health field. There are countless opportunities and paths to pursue, which is why we strive to equip our students with the tools and support they need to choose the public health career best for them.

One way to gain experience is through internships, but how do you know what kind of internship to choose? Students in our Bachelor of Science in Health Data Science program who have completed internships in the field have agreed to share their stories in hopes of helping you discover a career path you will love! 

Daniel Hauersperger, BSHDS student

Analyst Intern at OurHealth

Daniel Hauersperger had the opportunity to complete an Xtern internship, the ultimate tech internship experience. He served as an analyst for OurHealth, an independent healthcare provider that offers the nation’s largest network of near-site clinics.

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Rebecca Gorman, BSHDS student

Shiny Web App Development/Research intern at FSPH

Rebecca Gorman was working with the research team in the department of environmental health at FSPH when she discovered their need for an intern. Through the internship, she created two Shiny web applications utilizing the R programming language and discovered a new career interest.

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Kyle Harris, BSHDS student

Data Science intern at ClusterTruck

Kyle was excited to put what he'd learned in the Health Data Science program to use in a business setting like ClusterTruck. To his surprise, what he'd learned in just his first two HDS classes impressed his employers. His experience has confirmed his aspirations and excitement to pursue data science.

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