Community Health Engagement and Equity Research (CHEER)

Our mission is to improve health equity through collaborative, actionable research and practice.

Guiding Principles

  • Partnering with community organizations and residents to address issues of local importance.
  • Addressing mechanisms that drive health equity.
  • Prioritizing work that produces sustained impact for community change.

Our Purpose

As the Department of Community and Global Health, we believe everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life. From the actionable research we conduct, to the experiential opportunities we provide to students, to the community partnerships and interventions we develop, our sole purpose is to make real-world impact in our communities near and far.  


Our Team

The faculty, staff and community partners of the Department of Community and Global Health conduct research and lead projects that are grounded within the themes of health equity, social determinants of health and impact-oriented community engagement.

Meet the researchers

Actionable research and practice across the following areas of impact:

  • Identifying and addressing place-based disparities in neighborhood health
  • Studying impact of racism on health outcomes
  • Creating community-based strategies for diabetes prevention and control
  • Building community capacity to reduce infant mortality
  • Reducing stress and promoting resilience among adolescents of color
  • Reducing chronic disease through multigenerational family approaches
  • Providing access to interventions for substance use disorder
  • Promoting open science