Hepatitis C ECHO

Upcoming Didactic Topics

Curriculum topics are subject to change


Didactic Topic

6/6/2024Opioid Use Disorder Evaluation & Management
6/20/2024Hepatitis B History & Virology
7/4/2024Cancelled for Independence Day
7/18/2024A Simplified Approach to Hepatitis B Elimination/Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment
8/1/2024Care Models: Pathway to Care
8/15/2024Rural Health Care
9/5/2024Patients Lived Experiences with Hepatitis C & Substance Use Disorder
9/19/2024Interruptions to Treatment, Re-Infection Vs. Re-Treatment
10/3/2024Complications & Management of Cirrhosis
10/17/2024Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)
11/7/2024Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD)
11/21/2024Liver Cancer
12/5/2024Co-occurring Viral Infections: HCV, HIV, HBV, HDV
12/19/2024Surveillance & Epidemiology

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Didactic Topic

1/18/2024Liver Anatomy and Physiology
2/1/2024HCV History & Virology
2/15/2024Diagnostic Testing of the Liver
3/7/2024Primary Care Approach to HCV Workup
3/21/2024Hepatitis C: A Protocol for Patient Education, Treatment, and Follow-Up in the Primary Care Setting
4/4/2024Linkage Between Care Coordinators & Medical Providers
4/18/2024Direct Acting Antiviral Drug Interaction Management
5/2/2024Medication Access & Reimbursement
5/16/2024Words Matter: Debiasing Strategies for Clinical Encounters

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Didactic Topic

01/19/2023Hepatitis C Virology and Pathophysiology
02/02/2023Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis
02/16/2023Hepatitis B and D Virology
03/02/2023Primary Care Approach to HCV Workup
03/16/2023Hepatitis C: A Protocol for Patient Education, Treatment, and Follow-Up in the Primary Care Setting
04/06/2023Hepatitis Drug Interactions
04/20/2023Hepatitis B Vaccinations & Serologies
05/04/2023Management of Hepatitis B While Not on Treatment
05/18/2023Complications and Management of Cirrhosis: Part I
06/01/2023Complications and Management of Cirrhosis: Part II
06/15/2023Viral Hepatitis B & C in Pregnancy
07/06/2023Hepatitis C: Testing to Treatment
07/20/2023Liver Cancer
08/03/2023A Simplified Approach to Hepatitis B Elimination
08/17/2023Getting and Staying in Contact with Clients: Intensive Linkage to Care
09/07/2023Interruptions to Treatment, Re-infection vs. Re-treatment
10/05/2023Management of Alcohol Use Disorder
10/19/2023Debiasing Strategies for Clinical Encounters
11/02/2023Introduction to Connect to Cure
11/16/2023Creating Systems and Processes to Eliminate Hepatitis C
12/07/2023NAFLD to MASLD Nomenclature
12/21/2023A Brief Overview of the Hepatitis C Curriculum

Registered participants have access to our Canvas resource library.


Didactic Topic

01/20/2022Hepatitis C: Biology and Pathophysiology
02/03/2022Manifestations of Advanced Liver Disease & Cirrhosis Part I
02/17/2022Manifestations of Advanced Liver Disease & Cirrhosis Part II
03/03/2022Manifestations of Advanced Liver Disease & Cirrhosis Part III
03/17/2022Hepatitis C Management for the Non-Specialist
04/07/2022Direct-Acting Antiviral Drug Interaction Management
04/21/2022Indiana Updates in Hepatitis C Elimination
05/05/2022Substance Use: How People Are Using Drugs
05/19/2022Substance Use: Drug Physiology and Influence on Behavior
06/02/2022Hepatitis C: A Protocol for Patient Education, Treatment, and Follow-Up in the Primary Care Setting
06/16/2022Interruptions to Treatment: Reinfection vs. Retreatment
07/07/2022Linkage to Care
07/21/2022Leveraging Telehealth in Hepatitis C Management
08/04/2022Debiasing Strategies for Clinical Encounters
08/18/2022Hepatitis C Virus in the Pediatric Population
09/01/2022Extrahepatic Manifestations of Hepatitis C
09/15/2022Hepatitis B Vaccinations & Serologies
10/06/2022Hepatitis B: Phases of Infection and Treatment
10/20/2022Evaluating Medications and Procedures Risks in Liver Disease
11/03/2022Liver Health: Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
11/17/2022Hepatitis B and D: Case-based Learning
12/01/2022Mechanisms of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease
12/15/2022Updates in Viral Hepatitis that Affect Clinical Practice

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The Indiana Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program (IN-HAMP) hosts full-day hepatitis C training on specific dates throughout the year. The program supports education and mentorship throughout Indiana for health providers new to treating hepatitis C or who would like to learn more about implementing a simplified approach to HCV care in primary care, substance use disorder treatment, and other clinical settings.

Clinical and non-clinical healthcare team members are invited to participate in the program.

Members of the IN-HAMP program will receive a certificate of achievement upon completing IN-HAMP Cycles 1 & 2 training and sharing a client/patient case.

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Hub Team

Paul Kwo, MD

Paul Kwo

Professor of Medicine and Director of Hepatology | Stanford University

Dr. Kwo is currently professor of medicine and director of hepatology at the Stanford University Medical Center where he joined the faculty in November 2016. Before joining the faculty at Stanford, he was at Indiana University Health for 21 years where he served as the medical director of liver transplantation. He has distinguished himself in the field of Hepatitis C therapeutics and has been the principal investigator on multiple international trials. He recently authored the ACG Clinical Guideline: Evaluation of Abnormal Liver Chemistries.

Amy Mackey, MD

Amy Mackey

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine | IU School of Medicine

Dr. Amy Mackey is an internist with Eskenazi Medical Group in Indianapolis, practicing primary care at the West 38th Street Health Center. She received her MD from Indiana University in 2004, then completed her residency at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis in 2007. She takes a special interest in serving an underserved population and engaging patients from many different cultures.

Howard Masuoka, MD, PhD

Howard Masuoka

Gastroenterologist | Stanford Health Care

Dr. Howard C. Masuoka specializes in gastroenterology for Stanford Health Care. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Dr. Masuoka earned his medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine and returned for an internship and residency. He also completed a fellowship at Mayo Medical School.

Kris Roehling, BS, CHW

Kris Roehling

Team Lead | Step-Up, Inc.

Kris is a Hepatitis C Care Coordinator at Step Up in Indianapolis. She received her Bachelor of Science from Rollins College in 1992 Certified Recovery Coach in 2013, and Community Health Worker Certification in 2022. 

Kris is passionate about integrated, person-centered models of care and justice, including syringe access, overdose reversal, harm reduction, and housing first. She became involved with the HCV ECHO when she began to develop the HepLink Program at Step Up, Inc.

Kaitlyn Rueve, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP

Kaitlyn Jarrell

Clinical Pharmacist | Indiana University Health

Dr. Kaitlyn Rueve is an HIV clinical pharmacist at Indiana University Health LifeCare Clinic; she also provides pharmacy support to the IU Health Physicians Infectious Disease clinic at University Hospital. She earned her pharmacy degree from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in 2018 and completed her residency training at IU Health in 2020. Before she transitioned to LifeCare, Kaitlyn was the primary HCV clinical pharmacist with IU Health Advanced Therapies Pharmacy for two years.

Chris Steinmetz, MD

Chris Steinmetz

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine | Indiana University School of Medicine

Chris Steinmetz is a co-facilitator of the Hepatitis C ECHO program and a full-time primary care physician with Eskenazi Medical Group in Indianapolis. Chris joined the Hepatitis C ECHO as a spoke in early 2018 so he could treat the many Hepatitis C patients in his practice that were going without curative therapy. He joined the Hub Team in April 2020. Chris has assisted providers and other ECHO learners as they participate in the Hepatitis C ECHO and start treating patients on their own.

Brittany Wynn, MSW

Brittany Wynn

Medical Case Manager | Eskenazi Health

Brittany Wynn joined Eskenazi Health's Clinical Public Health Program in 2017 as an HIV/HCV point-of-care tester in the emergency department. After graduating with her master of social work in 2020, Brittany moved into the role of medical case manager. Brittany monitors patients tested for HCV in the emergency department through grant-funded BPA testing. She works to expand access to linkage to care efforts for patients living with Hepatitis C.