About LGBTQ+ Health ECHO

New Session Returns April 10, 2024

The LGBTQ+ Health ECHO hosted by the IU Indianapolis ECHO Center provides comprehensive LGBTQ+ health training and offers culturally informed training taught by renowned clinicians with expertise in LGBTQ+ care. Learn how to integrate appropriate language and evidence-based guidelines into your practice as you navigate caring for this patient population.

The LGBTQ+ Health ECHO meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 2:30-4:00 p.m. ET via Zoom.

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For any questions, please feel free to reach out to our program management specialist, Caroline Kryder-Reid: 

Upcoming Curriculum Topics

Curriculum topics are subject to change

DateDidactic Topic
4/10/2024The Role of OT in Health Promotion & Management of Neurodiverse Patients
4/24/2024How to Feel More Empowered in Today's Political Climate
5/8/2024Tobacco Cessation
5/22/2024Gender-Affirming Care in Rural Areas
6/12/2024SOGI Pride
6/26/2024Finding Media Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth and Parents
7/10/2024Managing Burnout as a Queer-Identifying Provider
7/24/2024LGBTQ+ Representation on Community Advisory Boards
8/14/2024Voice Surgery and Non-Surgical Approaches
8/28/2024Racial Health Disparities in the LGBTQ+ Community
9/11/2024Family Planning for LGBTQ+ Parents
9/25/2024Lactation Support for LGBTQ+ Parents
10/9/2024Pelvic Floor Therapy
11/13/2024Resources for Unhoused Youth in the LGBTQ+ Community
11/27/2024Cancelled for Thanksgiving
12/25/2024Cancelled for Winter Holidays
1/8/2025HIV and Aging
1/22/2025Non-Medical Gender Affirmation

Recorded didactic presentations are available to our registered participants in our Canvas Resource Library.

DateDidactic Topic
03/08/2023Being a Welcoming Provider
03/22/2023How to be an Affirming Primary Care Provider
04/12/2023Sexual Health and Prevention of STIs and HIV
04/26/2023WPATH Standards of Care v8 Updates
05/10/2023LGBTQ+ Identities and Faith Communities
05/24/2023How to Approach Talking About Gender: Differentiating Between Gender Identity, Gender Goals, Gender Roles/Expectations, etc.
06/14/2023LGBTQ+ Identities and Shame
06/28/2023Balancing the Conversation Around Informed Consent
07/12/2023Insurance Coverage and Working with Pharmacies
07/26/2023Bisexual Health
08/09/2023School Advocacy for Gender-Diverse Patients
08/23/2023LGBTQ+ Aging
09/13/2023Trans Solutions RRC
10/11/2023Family Building
10/25/2023Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
11/08/2023The Role of the Speech Therapist in Gender-Affirming Care
11/22/2023Cancelled for Thanksgiving
12/13/2023Indiana Consultations for Healthcare Providers in Addiction, Mental Health, and Perinatal Psychiatry Program
12/27/2023Cancelled for the Winter Break
01/10/2024Supporting Families of Trans Youth
01/24/2024Gender-Affirming Top Surgery
02/14/2024Gender-Affirming Bottom Surgery
02/28/2024Gender-Affirming Masculinizing Bottom Surgery

Recorded didactic presentations are available to our registered participants in our Canvas Resource Library.

DateDidactic TopicSpeaker
02/09/2022Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityYena Choi, MD (she/her/hers) and Stephanie Kerswill, MD (she/her/hers)
02/23/2022All Things QueerTyne Parlett (they/them/theirs)
03/09/2022Taking a Comprehensive and Inclusive Sexual Health HistoryJuan Carlos Venis, MD, MPHJ (he/him) • IU School of Medicine and Eskenazi Health
03/23/2022Utilizing Cultural Humility to Address Social Determinants of HealthRand Warden, MSW, LSW (all pronouns) • IU School of Social Work
04/13/2022Real Time: Sex Work and Sex Health: Tips from Lived/Shared ExperienceSylvia Thomas (she/her) • Step-Up Inc.
04/27/2022Syphilis: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and TreatmentKassem Bourgi, MD (he/him)
05/11/2022Primary Care for Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) PatientsKelly O’Shaughnessey, AGPCNP-BC (she/her/hers) • Eskenazi Health
05/25/2022The Imperative of Telling Our StoriesEmma Vosicky, JD, MAT (she/her) • GenderNexus
06/08/2022Intersex: Bodies Beyond the BinaryBria Brown-King (she/they) • interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth
06/22/2022Testosterone Hormone TherapyKelly O'Shaughnessey, MS, AGPCNP-BC (she/her/hers) • Eskenazi Health
7/13/2022Gender Affirming Hormones: Feminizing SpectrumJanine Fogel, MD (she/her) Medical Director of the Gender Health Program at Eskenazi Health
7/27/2022Medical Treatment of Transgender Children & Early AdolescentsEric Meininger, MD, MPH (he/him/his)
08/10/2022Legal Landscape Impacting LGBTQ+ Healthcare and Health EquityKathleen Bensberg (she/her) | Interim Director of the LGBT Project, Indiana Legal Services, Inc.
08/24/2022Non-Traditional Relationship StructuresAlex Kemery, Ph.D., RN (he/him) | Associate Professor at the University of Indianapolis, School of Nursing
09/14/2022Addressing Sexual Pleasure in Clinical Care for Gender-Diverse Persons: A Sexual Embodiment PerspectiveJ. Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS (he/him)
09/28/2022Monkeypox UpdatesBree Weaver, MD (she/her)
10/12/2022KinkTyne Parlett (they/them/theirs)
10/26/2022AsexualityJ. Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS & Leda Fortier, MSW (they/them)
11/09/2022Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIvan Hadad, MD (he/him)
11/23/2022Canceled for ThanksgivingN/A
12/14/2022Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gender DysphoriaLuke Scheel, MD (he/him/his)
12/28/2022Canceled for the Holiday BreakN/A
01/11/2023Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIJoshua Roth, MD (he/him)
01/25/2023Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIIJoshua Roth, MD (he/him)