About LGBTQ+ Health ECHO

The LGBTQ+ Health ECHO hosted by the IU Indianapolis ECHO Center provides comprehensive LGBTQ+ health training and offers culturally informed training taught by renowned clinicians with expertise in LGBTQ+ care. Learn how to integrate appropriate language and evidence-based guidelines into your practice as you navigate caring for this patient population.

The LGBTQ+ Health ECHO meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 2:30-4:00 p.m. ET via Zoom.

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For any questions, please feel free to reach out to our program management specialist, Caroline Kryder-Reid.

Indiana University Legal Note

“Under current Indiana law, licensed medical practitioners are prohibited from providing or referring "Gender Transition Procedures" to patients below the age of 18 years. The LGBTQ+ Health ECHO will focus on gender-affirming medical care for adult patients. None of the content regarding “Gender Transition Procedures” is intended to apply to minors. We will continue to fully support discussions on social and mental health support for all patients.”

Upcoming Curriculum Topics

Curriculum topics are subject to change

DateDidactic Topic
7/10/2024Resources for Unhoused Youth in the LGBTQ+ Community
7/24/2024LGBTQ+ Representation on Community Advisory Boards
8/14/2024Pelvic Floor Therapy
8/28/2024Benefits and Barriers to Service Delivery Models in Gender-Affirming Care
9/25/2024Family Building for LGBTQ+ Parents
10/9/2024Voice Surgery and Non-Surgical Approaches
10/23/2024Lactation Support for LGBTQ+ Parents
11/13/2024LGBTQ+ Aging
11/27/2024Cancelled for Thanksgiving
12/11/2024How to Feel More Empowered in Today's Political Climate
12/25/2024Cancelled for Winter Holidays
1/22/2025Non-Medical Gender Affirmation
2/26/2025LGBTQ+ Veterans
3/12/2025Gender-Affirming Care in Rural Areas
3/26/2025Racial Health Disparities in the LGBTQ+ Community

Recorded didactic presentations are available to our registered participants in our Canvas Resource Library.

DateDidactic Topic
4/10/2024The Role of OT in Health Promotion & Management of Neurodiverse Patients
4/24/2024Tobacco Cessation
5/8/2024Accessing Free Educational Resources for LGBTQ+ Providers
5/22/2024Becoming Visible: Historical Contexts for Gender Affirming Care for Young People
6/12/2024Finding Media Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth and Parents
6/26/2024SOGI/Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Pride

Recorded didactic presentations are available to our registered participants in our Canvas Resource Library.

DateDidactic Topic
03/08/2023Being a Welcoming Provider
03/22/2023How to be an Affirming Primary Care Provider
04/12/2023Sexual Health and Prevention of STIs and HIV
04/26/2023WPATH Standards of Care v8 Updates
05/10/2023LGBTQ+ Identities and Faith Communities
05/24/2023How to Approach Talking About Gender: Differentiating Between Gender Identity, Gender Goals, Gender Roles/Expectations, etc.
06/14/2023LGBTQ+ Identities and Shame
06/28/2023Balancing the Conversation Around Informed Consent
07/12/2023Insurance Coverage and Working with Pharmacies
07/26/2023Bisexual Health
08/09/2023School Advocacy for Gender-Diverse Patients
08/23/2023LGBTQ+ Aging
09/13/2023Trans Solutions RRC
10/11/2023Family Building
10/25/2023Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
11/08/2023The Role of the Speech Therapist in Gender-Affirming Care
11/22/2023Cancelled for Thanksgiving
12/13/2023Indiana Consultations for Healthcare Providers in Addiction, Mental Health, and Perinatal Psychiatry Program
12/27/2023Cancelled for the Winter Break
01/10/2024Supporting Families of Trans Youth
01/24/2024Gender-Affirming Top Surgery
02/14/2024Gender-Affirming Bottom Surgery
02/28/2024Gender-Affirming Masculinizing Bottom Surgery

Recorded didactic presentations are available to our registered participants in our Canvas Resource Library.

DateDidactic TopicSpeaker
02/09/2022Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityYena Choi, MD (she/her/hers) and Stephanie Kerswill, MD (she/her/hers)
02/23/2022All Things QueerTyne Parlett (they/them/theirs)
03/09/2022Taking a Comprehensive and Inclusive Sexual Health HistoryJuan Carlos Venis, MD, MPHJ (he/him) • IU School of Medicine and Eskenazi Health
03/23/2022Utilizing Cultural Humility to Address Social Determinants of HealthRand Warden, MSW, LSW (all pronouns) • IU School of Social Work
04/13/2022Real Time: Sex Work and Sex Health: Tips from Lived/Shared ExperienceSylvia Thomas (she/her) • Step-Up Inc.
04/27/2022Syphilis: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and TreatmentKassem Bourgi, MD (he/him)
05/11/2022Primary Care for Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) PatientsKelly O’Shaughnessey, AGPCNP-BC (she/her/hers) • Eskenazi Health
05/25/2022The Imperative of Telling Our StoriesEmma Vosicky, JD, MAT (she/her) • GenderNexus
06/08/2022Intersex: Bodies Beyond the BinaryBria Brown-King (she/they) • interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth
06/22/2022Testosterone Hormone TherapyKelly O'Shaughnessey, MS, AGPCNP-BC (she/her/hers) • Eskenazi Health
7/13/2022Gender Affirming Hormones: Feminizing SpectrumJanine Fogel, MD (she/her) Medical Director of the Gender Health Program at Eskenazi Health
7/27/2022Medical Treatment of Transgender Children & Early AdolescentsEric Meininger, MD, MPH (he/him/his)
08/10/2022Legal Landscape Impacting LGBTQ+ Healthcare and Health EquityKathleen Bensberg (she/her) | Interim Director of the LGBT Project, Indiana Legal Services, Inc.
08/24/2022Non-Traditional Relationship StructuresAlex Kemery, Ph.D., RN (he/him) | Associate Professor at the University of Indianapolis, School of Nursing
09/14/2022Addressing Sexual Pleasure in Clinical Care for Gender-Diverse Persons: A Sexual Embodiment PerspectiveJ. Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS (he/him)
09/28/2022Monkeypox UpdatesBree Weaver, MD (she/her)
10/12/2022KinkTyne Parlett (they/them/theirs)
10/26/2022AsexualityJ. Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS & Leda Fortier, MSW (they/them)
11/09/2022Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIvan Hadad, MD (he/him)
11/23/2022Canceled for ThanksgivingN/A
12/14/2022Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gender DysphoriaLuke Scheel, MD (he/him/his)
12/28/2022Canceled for the Holiday BreakN/A
01/11/2023Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIJoshua Roth, MD (he/him)
01/25/2023Gender-Affirming Surgeries: Part IIIJoshua Roth, MD (he/him)